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Yoshida Hiroshi

Japanese, 1876-1950

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Yoshida Hiroshi was one of the towering figures in the world of shin hanga, the "new Japanese print" movement of the second quarter of the twentieth century. Trained as a painter, he became fascinated with the medium of woodblock prints when he was already a mature artist. He worked with the publisher Watanabe Shôzaburô for several years but then left to create his own studio, where he personally supervised the printing process.

Yoshida excelled at using color and shading to create atmospheric effects.

Yoshida Hiroshi was himself the son of two artists and the progenitor of a famous line of printmakers. His sons Tôshi (1911-1995) and Hodaka (1926-1995), Hodaka's wife Chizuko (born 1924), and their daughter Ayomi (born 1958) are represented in the Museum's collection.



Related People

Grandfather of: Yoshida Ayomi (Japanese, born 1958)

Father-in-law of: Yoshida Chizuko (Japanese, 1924-2017)

Father of: Yoshida Hodaka (Japanese, 1926-1995)

Father of: Yoshida Tōshi (Japanese, 1911-1995)

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