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East Azerbaijan

Alternate Name
Āzārbāijān-e Sharqī


Place Type
Province in northwestern Îrān, and part of the larger historical region known as Āzārbāijān. The larger region was governed by Urartu and Media civilizations, and in 4th century BCE it was taken over by Alexander the Great and ruled by a Greek general, Atropates. In the 3rd century CE, the Persian Sassanian dynasty lost it to the Arabs (7th century CE) and then to the Mongols (13th century CE). During World War I the Turks took control of the region of Āzārbāijān and passed it down to the Soviet Union. The Iranians and the Turks fought over Āzārbāijān until Nādir Shāh of Irān forced the Turks out of the country (1740s). The Iranians eventually regained control when the Soviet withdrew. Currently, Tabrīz is one of the larges cities in Āzārbāijān-e Sharqī.
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