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The art and practice of applying pigments suspended in water, oil, egg yolk, molten wax, or other liquid to a surface to create an expressive or communicative image. For the application of paint primarily to protect a surface or add a general color, use "painting (coating)."


painting (image-making)

Painting, Colombian

Painting, Chilian

Painting, Canadian

Painting, Danish

Painting, Cypriote

Painting, Cuban

Painting, Gothic

Painting, German

Painting, French

Sign painting

Sand painting

polymer painting

Painting, Latin American

Painting, Japanese

Painting, Italian

Painting, Islamic

Painting, Flemish

Painting, Finnish

Painting, European

Painting, English

Painting, Edwardian

Painting, Early Christian

Painting, Dutch

Painting, Dominican

Painting, Byzantine

Painting, Bulgarian

Painting, Buddhist

Painting, Brazilian

Painting, Bolivian

Painting, Belgian

Painting, Baroque

Mixed media painting

color-field painting

Figure painting

Gouache painting

Industrial painting

Deccani painting

casein painting

animal painting and illustration

Painting, Balinese

Painting, Australian (Aboriginal)

Painting, Australian

Painting, Argentine

Painting, Albanian

Painting, Haitian

Painting, Greek

Painting, Indonesian

Painting, Greco-Roman

Painting, British

Painting, Chinese

Painting, Czech

Painting, Confucian

Painting, Hindu

Painting, American

Painting, Austrian

Painting, ancient

Painting, abstract

Painting, Indian


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