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Tools and Equipment

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Tools and Equipment


The Tools and Equipment hierarchy contains descriptors for equipment used in processing materials and fabricating objects as well as descriptors associated with activities and disciplines in the construction industry, design professions, the fine and decorative arts, and other aspects of material culture. Excluded are artifacts such as measuring devices and weapons, which may be considered equipment but fall into the scope of other hierarchies in the Furnishings and Equipment section of the Objects facet.Relation to Other Hierarchies: Descriptors for devices used to measure in terms of standard units or fixed amounts (e.g., "gauges") appear in the Measuring Devices hierarchy. Descriptors for items that are necessary to anchor or join materials, objects, or components (e.g., "nails", "buckles") appear under "fasteners" in the Components hierarchy. Constituent parts of equipment (e.g., "handles") are also in the Components hierarchy. HVAC systems can be found in the Object Groupings and Systems hierarchy, while the descriptors for HVAC equipment (e.g., "air conditioners") are found here.


Outils et équipement

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