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Utgawa Toyoharu

Japanese, 1735-1814


Kyoto 1735 - 1763

Tokyo 1763 - 1814

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print designer


Utagawa Toyoharu is known to print collectors as a master of uki-e (landscapes employing one-point perspective).

Toyoharu lived in Kyoto, studied painting under a Kanô master before moving to Edo around 1763. His interest in creating the illustion of depth, using exaggerated one-point perspective, led him to a series of woodblock-print designs that captialized on the depiction of expansive space.

Utagawa Toyoharu was famous for his perspective prints, in which he created dynamic spatial recession by combining elements of Western-inspired one-point perspective with the traditional Asian bird's-eye viewpoint.



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Teacher of: Utagawa Toyohiro (Japanese, 1773-1828)

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